Row Row, Fight the Powah!

I’m sure that most of you have heard of this Protect IP bill, but I wanted to spread the word.

The Protect IP Act is a bill that Congress is debating about at the moment. Why should we care? Well, the Protect IP Act is a bill that could force Internet Service Providers to block social media sites like tumblr, Facebook, and deviantART. This is despicable and wrong.

Private corporations want the power to get rid of sites that allow people to download music, videos, and other media. however, most of these sites aren’t in U.S. jurisdiction. This bill will allow corporations to, as I said above, force Internet Service Providers to block these sites. It will also give them the ability to cut off funds from these websites by forcing American Ad providers to take their ads off of these websites, and sue websites, blogs, and even forums to make them remove links to the offending websites.

This bill is ridiculous for many reasons. Firstly, <i>it doesn’t even prevent piracy.</i> One can still access these sites by typing in their IP addresses. And, it’s unconstitutional. Any website where people express themselves, whether it be making art, music, or media, there’s enough copyrighted material that this bill can target them, censoring them, or worse, shutting them down.

Even if we trust the U.S. government not to overuse it’s power, other countries may follow our example, and there may be some who would use this power to destroy the freedom that we get on the internet.

I might be overreacting, but the hearings are horribly lopsided, with the bill’s supporter’s voices far outweighing those opposed to it. Tech companies such as Google, AOL, Twitter, and Mozilla, have signed a full page ad in the New York Times opposing this bill, but it’s doubtful that their voices will be heard by those who have to hear it.

In real life, I’m a bit shy, and have trouble finding places to show my art to the world. I’m not anti-social, per say, but the internet is an important place to me. It’s helped thousands of people follow their dreams. I have friends here who aren’t really heard in real life, and use the internet to express themselves.

I beg you guys, please help stop this freedom-restricting bill. No good can come of a bill that gives corporations the power to crush our creativity. You can sign petitions here:

You can contact your congressman, if you live in America:

Anyone who cares about their ability to express themselves creatively, please help.

Share this post, or any other posts or media relating to the bill, such as this video:

And finally, to quote the Daily What, “Get the word out any way you can, because, soon, you may no longer be allowed to.”


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