Harry Potter = Disappointment?

So I went to see the last Harry Potter movie. I cried, of course. But somehow… I was disappointed? Harry Potter used to be SUCH a huge part of my life, and it’s over. Why am I not in a state of depression? I’ve thought about this. I’ve felt guilty about it.

My brother Henry showed me his favorite part of A Good Man Goes To War, the last Doctor Who episode before the hiatus for the summer. It was (spoilers) the part when the Doctor takes Demon’s Run. As the music built to a crescendo, I felt chills up my spine and that excited anticipation and joy that you’d feel in the climax of your favorite book, or the crowning moment of awesome in your favorite movie. I didn’t get that in Deathly Hallows. Why not? I realized something. I’m not as emotionally invested in Harry Potter anymore. When the Doctor saves the day in a particularly epic way, I cry tears of joy and get chills. When Harry saved the day, I was happy, but it didn’t affect me like A Good Man Goes To War affected me.

Harry Potter is loyal, kind, and determined. I understand perfectly the kind of characters JKR is crafting, I’m not turning on my childhood and calling Harry a Mary-Sue. I know that the idea is that Harry has the power of love, and is a pure force of good. Voldemort is a force of evil. A simple good vs. evil story. The thing is, that’s boring. The Doctor tries to be a force for good, but he’s made mistakes. He’s snapped, he’s killed innocents before. The Doctor is flawed. I’m not saying that Harry isn’t flawed, but the Doctor is simply more interesting. I hate stories where the character is disgustingly good, I hate the tired old cliche of diligent heroes. That’s why I adore the broken characters.

You may think I’m heartless to like the villains or the ’emo’ characters more than the fresh faced hero, but I truly love a broken character more than a typical hero.

I’m going to, rather selfishly, use my character, Ranna, as an example.

Ranna is the kind of character you’d think of as the quirky sidekick. The quirky anti-hero sidekick on drugs. Although she describes herself as a cold-blooded killer, she is the sweetest girl sometimes and seems nothing more than a bit mad. Then we get to the backstory and all the crap she’s hiding. She feel madly in love with her sister’s boyfriend, joined said sister and boyfriend and became a villain, and got turned into a vampire by the boyfriend. She then spent an unbearable 10 years as a raving killer, little more than an animal. She made herself into a cold-blooded killing machine, and was the cruelest assassin to walk the earth in quite some time. Ranna  soon met her current partner, a woman called Talia. Talia soon became her mortality chain of sorts, and Ranna now hides her pain and insanity under the mask of a goofy, bright assassin. Ouch.

I love these characters so much more than the type Harry is. I would’ve loved the movie so much more if Ron or Hermione or any of the other characters had been featured more prominently, I love Harry Potter, but Harry himself is a bit bland.

Thanks for listening to my mad ranting about how I think Harry isn’t a complex enough character and the shameless insertion of my own character.

Bye! ^^;


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  1. Juls Marie P.
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 20:20:40

    I agree on the fact that I am not down in dumps because “it’s all over”. I’m not as emotionally invested anymore either, and it’s not really over anyway. And I don’t like Harry. He’s quite selfish, and acts like a spoiled brat. But I’ve known him since I was five, and will craze over anything JKR puts out in the future (Pottermore) like all of the other hardcore fans until that too is over. I am actually crazing over Pottermore right now.

    Anyway, I’m going to keep on re-reading the books and re-watching the movies, because JKR is the mother of our generation’s literature, and a modern genius.


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