Top Ten Shinigami of Anime and Manga: #10

Top Ten Shinigami in Anime and Manga

The world of Shinigami (Reapers to those who rock the english dubs) is a complex and sometimes creepy world.

From oddly… adorable shinigami, to sexy shinigami, to downright terrifying shinigami, we’ve all got favorites.

But today I’m here to name the top ten in terms of:

Their menace
Their power
Their characters

I know I might leave some out, especially when it comes to Bleach, but I’ll try my best. xD

Anime/Manga: Bleach


Rukia is an obvious choice. She is one of the most famous shinigami from Bleach, and definitely a fan favorite. In her fight with the Arrancar D Roy, she displays her fearsome bankai for the first time, defeating him easily. Therefore filling the power requirement. I must admit, she barely snagged the power requirement in my book. I am only starting the Arrancar arc, and had she not defeated D Roy with such ease and effectively freed herself of her Distressed Damsel status, Rukia wouldn’t have made it.


Her menace is another story. While she is certainly formidable, Rukia is a good guy. While I’m not saying heroes can’t be menacing, Rukia honestly never felt menacing to me.


Rukia’s character was undoubtedly the thing that got her this spot. She is a strong female, and has nice depths. She has a tendency to blame herself for everything, but luckily she gets better about it.


In the Soul Society Arc, I’ll admit that I was afraid Rukia had been reduced to an angsty damsel. But luckily, character development marches on. Rukia mans- erm, ‘womans’ up, and returns to the bundle of ass-kicking shinigami she was at the beginning of the series.


So Rukia Kuchiki gets the tenth spot!


Tune in later for number nine. ^_^


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