Not Alone

The other day I had a conversation with a close friend that disturbed me. I made a comment on my status as geek, and she replied offhandedly: “You’re not a geek”

Thinking back, it had the “Us and Them” feel. They’re geeks, we’re scene. And that comment hurt me.

Ever since I was a kid, I begged for a best friend who was like me. Not stereotyped, not a cookie cutter copy of the original prep or goth.

I tried goth as I grew older, but I couldn’t pull off the dark personality.

Eventually, I discovered heaven.

People like me. The internet had been hiding a whole race of people who were like me, yet weren’t.

Geeks, nerds, dorks. To them, nerd was a compliment. They flaunted their extensive knowledge of the TARDIS and Star Trek. They quoted memes with ease, they mocked themselves mercilessly.

For the first time, I belonged.

I was welcomed into the world of comics, anime, conventions, and video games. I felt the similarities, and the differences. We were bonded, and yet still more prone to bickering than any other group of people.

I was on air. It didn’t matter if my video game knowledge was limited, there were still the Whovians and otaku! (Doctor Who fans and anime fans)

Then that one little remark pierced my bubble. Its speaker may not have noticed, but it screamed of “You don’t belong there! You belong here! With the cooler people!”

Then I decided. I am a proud geek. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been one since birth, or was just converted yesterday.

I am geeky, I love anime and memes, old sic fi shows. You can’t tell me a geek is something else. Because to me, a geek is individual. A geek likes whatever the heck they want. Mostly anime and sic fi for me.

This may not make much sense, but this is a post for the geeks. The ones who never quite fit in. The people who know that they’re geeky.
The people who are one of us.


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