She Who Is Nameless

Okay, so those of you that know me well all know that I’m an aspiring writer. You’ll probably also have heard about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month; for those who haven’t, an explanation in the form of a link because I’m lazy.



So- it’s the end of November- my book isn’t even halfway done. @#&$@#&%&#$$!!!!

But I’m okay with that.

So in short, this is my teaser trailer for She Who Is Nameless:

I am a bird, a slip of wild patterned blue and gold, eyes gleam an odd, indiscernible color, beak a slim hooked thing. My body is sleek and rippling, my feathers sharp as knives and glinting, the wind swirling like a child’s drawing, little lines rippling around me, parting easily before my slim body. Then I am a girl, blue robes and hypnotizing eyes, hair a pure gold that could not possibly exist in it’s simplicity, seeming a block of color like a drawing, then becoming molten gold at the next, flowing down my back spectacularly. A voice like the clang of a church bell calls my name, but the name comes out a piercing, unpleasant noise in my ear, sounding as if it’s on a higher level of hearing. I move to go to the voice, my gait unbelievably sinuous and graceful, but something grabs at me.


I am a demigod, the daughter of Athena, and my dream was a memory I barely remembered, a memory of the day I was banished from Olympus.


My name is Hero Jones. Well, not really, my true name is- well- hidden, sort of, when I unleashed the Evander, I had to be punished.


All I’ve remembered these past two years is that I am a demigod, my mother is Athena, and Hero is not my real name. My father filled me with stories of the gods, stories of my mother, etc. etc.


Why had I left? Why had I sacrificed my decent life for a mother who might not even want me anymore? I could die, and at this moment, it looked like I would.


In this place where dark things lurk,

Beware what oozes beneath the earth,

But to stay alive and well,

Heed the air, and hear the spell,

Do not expect you’ll ever see,

The light of day, the smell of sea,

If you choose to venture here,

The Court of Slyph, the Court of Fear,

But if you still desire to see,

Exactly what has killed me,

Come and speak the devil’s words,

Air, hear me.

Wind, receive me.

Breath, take me.


Bet that got you excited, right? I might post snippets, not enough to ruin the story, but tiny clips.


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