The Blog Strikes Back ~ Starring Birthday Girl Wordalier, the Doctor, and a poll.

OK. I haven’t updated in a while, so many of you are unaware of my obsession with Doctor Who. Yes, obsession. I’ve got Season Two of the Sarah Jane Adventures (Spin-off), Season Four of Nu Who (The more recent Doctor Who), two t-shirts, a poster, and ‘Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale’.

So I’m pretty obsessed.

If you haven’t seen the Fifth Season, I wouldn’t recommend reading any farther, if you have, this will interest you.

So I was at La Hacienda, a mexican place. Whilst drinking my root beer, my cup broke, see, they’d given me one of those cheapy styrofoam cups, (looks like being 13 doesn’t change much *huff*) I was looking at the crack, and realized something. “That looks disturbingly like the Time Field Crack”

Time Field-esque Crack

This is the LaHa Crack

Yes, remember it? The cracks in the universe caused by the TARDIS exploding, supposedly closed. Normally I would’ve thought it coincidence, but another crack made me think.

Creepy, no?

Here, I’ve edited the LaHa crack and the crack from The Beast Below together to show the resemblance. Unfortunately, I can’t find a picture of the NASA crack to use, but just imagine it next to them for now.

So, I’m embarking on a quest to discover if it’s all real, or just a clever TV show.

If you’ve seen a crack, or any other evidence, you can email, or post it in the comments here.


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