6 Things you don’t do in the Discworld. :)

The first in my ‘what not to do’ series… Enjoy!

1. Calling a dwarf ‘shortstuff’ ‘gritsucker’ or ‘little man’ is suicide

2. Any large orangutan is not to be called/referred/etc. ‘a monkey’

3. Don’t ask the mailmen about Mrs. Cake

4. Little blue men are NOT fairies, pixies, or little tinkly things, especially if they say to you “Crivins!” or “I’m a tinkly little fairy, aye!”

5. When you see a vampire, “Eek! He’ll suck my blood!” isn’t an appropriate greeting, especially if they are clutching a black ribbon and/or have a cup of coffee.

6. When (sorry, if) you are arrested, bribes do not work on anyone except the one who was banned from the human race for shoving.

More to come!


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