Brain Crash

I think I’ve just experienced my first idea overload, how are my main characters supposed to get tangled up in a vampire vs. slayer rivalry, get separated, Alec (slayer) almost turned when Juliet (vampire) gets overwhelmed by bloodlust, meet in a vampire containment building, and ride away on an awesome motorcycle while “Check Yes Juliet” plays on my iPod? Not to mention I’m struggling to name half the characters.

I’m only on like, the 12th page. Gar.

I’ll tweet my updates on this nightmare, I’m @wordalier. Surprise, surprise. I wanted AnimeFreakTohru

BTW, I’m practically obsessed with this anime called Fruits Basket. It’s on Hulu. Watch it!

Bagels. ^.^

Happy New Years!

Wordily yours,



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