Leaves and love, so very depressing.

This story was started a while ago, I (being wordalier) abandoned the story and never gave it a second thought ’till I saw that my library was holding a writing contest, upon getting home, I began to pick my brain for stray ideas, I began a dreadfully thought out fable when suddenly, I found the story, dusty and half written in the depths of my hard drive. Writing ensued. 

To make a long story short, I won second place and received a 5$ gift card to Borders. It wasn’t much, but I was pleased all the same.

And now the story…




I never expected my daddy to come home with another baby that fateful night, but he did. He burst through the small cottage door like always, his hulking appearance causing mother to spring from her knitting and hug him, when he was done greeting us, he produced a small blue bundle from under his cloak and gave it to Mother, she unwrapped it to see a tiny baby, he had large green eyes and tufts of red hair, his cheeks were blotched with red freckles and he had a pale glow about him. “Beautiful” Mother whispered “My dear Leaf-Child”



Years passed, me and my brother grew, while I progressed to a stubborn looking young girl with tangled brown hair and daring brown eyes, he became an angel, green eyes smooth as sea glass, well combed red hair that resembled leaves in the autumn. But he was odd, he would take long walks alone, even at night, and he barely talked to anyone, when he did, his voice was barely more than a whisper, like rustling leaves. I was his only friend, whenever someone asked his name, he would state, in a whispery voice, “I am Leaf-Child” nobody liked him, nobody hated him, he was invisible, the teacher never called on him, for he answered questions in confusing and mind riddling ways, I too avoided people, since they usually just teased me about Leaf. So I made up for my loneliness by talking to my brother, not that he ever answered.



“Are you going to take a walk?” I asked Leaf gloomily, he stared at me, lips parted slightly in confusion “It’s raining” he said slowly, like he was talking to a crazy person, “Oh, yeah” it had only been a test, like my many others to see if he had any emotion at all. Usually it didn’t work. “You’re thinking about something” I accused, his standoffish manner only dropped when he was thinking hard about something, like the time he fidgeted all morning because he was wondering what to get me for my seventh birthday.

“What is it? That girl?” “No” his jaw clenched slightly, only I would’ve noticed, a girl had bullied Leaf horribly at school after Leaf had loudly defended fairies at school and gotten rapped across the knuckles for it. But clearly, she was far from his mind, maybe he’d found another injured animal, Leaf adored nursing them back to health, maybe mother would’ve been more hospitable to Leaf’s furry friends if his first hadn’t been the horribly ugly toad thing…



“Leaf dear? Is that you?” mother’s shrill voice sounded as the door swung open,  “Yes mother” Leaf said calmly, “What’s that?” I asked cheerfully, cocking my head to stare at the ugly, overgrown toad in Leaf’s arms, “A monster?” it bared it’s teeth at me, I bared mine back, “Better hide it, mother won’t be happy” “Happy about- AHHHH!!!” mother entered the room, then let out an awful scream, daddy ran in, gun in hand “What is it?!” he pointed his gun at the toad thing, “He’s sick, I’m going to cure him” Leaf said calmly, “N-“ mother began, daddy wearily stopped her “It’s good that Leaf wants to help animals. But if it causes any trouble, it is out” these last words were directed at Leaf, who nodded solemnly, “you help Leaf” dad told me, “And dear, is dinner almost ready?” mother looked faint “Yes” “Good” he grinned “I’m hungry!”

As I passed Leaf’s room before bed that night, I almost swore I heard voices.




“Watch this Leaf!” I jumped off the swing and grabbed a stick, “Now uncouth knight! Prepare to meet your maker!” I cried, pointing the stick at Leaf’s head, “What are you supposed to be?” He asked carelessly “A fairy knight of the Seelie court! And you are my arch nemesis! A knight of the Unseelie court!” suddenly Leaf grabbed a stick, looking interested “En garde” he said simply, then he smiled, I gaped at him, Leaf had never smiled before. Suddenly he jabbed me in the stomach, and the fight really got started! We spun, we jumped, banging our sticks viciously, twice the sticks broke, but we kept going until dusk fell, then we abandoned our sticks and ran inside, eyes sparkling, “My! You two look happy!” mother appraised us, “Hands off!” she said sharply, hitting daddy’s hand as it crept toward the fresh apple pie, he looked embarrassed, “Sorry” “Of course you are” mother rolled her eyes.


After the lights went off, I snuck into Leaf’s room, I’d never seen it before, it was littered with drawing, leaves, twigs, and old fashioned toys that looked too expensive to be in our house, “Hello” Leaf sat on the floor, so I joined him. “What’s this?” I picked up a faded drawing of a slender woman of unearthly beauty, “My real mother” he mumbled uncertainly, “She’s beautiful, is she a fairy?”




“So you’re a Changeling?”
“Wish I wasn’t”


“Me too, are you going soon?”


“Maybe, I’ve been putting it off, even though she wants me to come back”


I picked up a leaf, it said in elegant script: We await you.

“So these are her invitations?”




“Will you visit?”


“Probably not”




I hugged him, “Whatever you choose, I’ll still be your sister” he smiled, “Thanks”

We sat like that for a while, until I realized Leaf had fallen asleep. So I covered him with the blanket from his bed and tiptoed to my room, where I fell into a sleep filled with dreams of fairies…



I woke to the smell of oatmeal and quickly hopped out of bed, as I ate my breakfast, I saw Leaf waiting for me outside, so I quickly finished and ran out to meet him.

“Morning Leaf” I said breathlessly, he just frowned at me “I’m leaving, tonight”

“No!” I cried in horror, “You can’t! Two more days! Please!”

He smiled softly, “You know I have to, but I’ll give you a sword fight before I go, okay?”  I nodded sadly, “OK, I won’t tell mother or daddy” “Thank you” Leaf hugged me, then went back to the house, I too, ran into the house, then into my room. I locked the door and pulled a chest out from under my bed, it held the remains of last night’s apple pie, some meat pies, a knife, and assorted things. I grabbed an old bag and started putting all the food and even a corked glass bottle fill to the brim with water in, then I put the knife, a book of matches, and a tin filled with bandages and other medical supplies in too, finally, I added an old lantern and a note from me, then closed the bag and hid it under my bed, I would save it for Leaf.




Night fell, and the bright moonlight lit the yard, Leaf awaited me as I came out, I approached him and grabbed a stick, then waited for him to do the same, he smiled and pulled out two shining swords, I gaped, they were elven swords! He took my stick and handed me one, “They are enchanted to hurt enemies only” he told me, “Useful” I grinned, then yelled “En garde!” and we fought, swords clanging! Us laughing! “I win!” I cried with delight as I knocked Leaf’s sword out of his hand. 


Then he made to go, “Stop! I’ve gotten you a present!” I yelled, grabbing him, “Really?” Leaf’s eyes were bright, “Really” I said crossly, giving him the bag, Leaf looked inside it curiously, “Apple pie! And bandages and things!” he smiled joyfully, “Thank you so much!” “You’re welcome” I grinned back, “Now here’s your present” he handed me the sword I’d dropped, I gaped “It’s mine?” “Yeah” “Thank you!” I laughed happily, then I frowned, “What’ll I tell mother and daddy?” Leaf shook his head “They won’t remember” “Will I?” I asked, feeling uncertain, “No,” he responded.


 “I will” I said, determination in my eyes. “Goodbye Leaf” I hugged him hard, “I’ll miss you” “Me too” he sounded uncertain too, “Goodbye” Then he was gone, carried away by the wind, I felt hot tears assault me, then, I swore I heard in the leave’s rustling, don’t cry Ann… I swear I did.

“Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow!” Romeo cries to his bride, he is right, both will soon be cradled in the arms of death. I cry at the part, and could go on all day about the horror of Taylor Swift and her so called “Love Story” but I must prepare the decorations for my party.

so adeiu!

Wordily Yours,



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