The male Anne McCaffrey

Christopher Paolini, 25 years old, was born November 17, 1983 in Southern California. raised in Paradise Valley, Montana, Paolini was homeschooled for the duration of his education. Graduating at fifteen, he began writing a book called “Eragon” about a boy who imprints on a dragon hatchling, and saves the magical world of Alagaesia from the evil king, Galbatorix.

The series has become a nation-wide success, earning itself a spot at the top of the Bestseller Lists, People raves- “Christopher Paolini makes literary magic with his precocious debut.” “Paolini is a spellbinding fantasy writer.” sighs The Boston Globe.

Yet YOU hesitate, yes, YOU sitting there chewing your nails off over the thought: To read, or not to read? That is the question! Well, let’s check out the summary:

Eragon is a simple farm boy, who does not dream of the world outside the tiny village of Carvahall, yet he, of all people, is blessed with an egg- more precisely, a dragon’s egg! He soon finds himself imprinted (a la’ Anne McCaffrey) to a baby dragon named Saphira, and on the run from Galbatorix, the mad king of Alagaesia- or at least part of it, he must decide where his allegiances lie, or be destroyed.

It is a fantastic story, if not a bit copycat-ish of the legendary Dragonriders of Pern series. Yet McCaffrey smiles and remarks: “”Full praise to Eragon, and I want more! A winner… tip of the hat to young master Paolini.”

The pros:

Eragon is engaging, with rich characters, complex backstory, and eloquent language, I find it entertaining for all ages, but as with J.R.R. Tolkien, boredom may occur two chapters in with little readers. Eragon finds himself facing much emotion, from the death of two loved ones, to a startling encounter with an evil sorcerer. A good introduction to realism for older kids.

The cons:

The story is a bit too eloquent, drawing itself out until “He’s right” becomes “Wisdom flies from his mouth” the story drags itself, either punching you with a surprise, or clustering into bursts of bewilderment. The book may be a bit too much like “Dragonriders of Pern” for adults, but I find the plots not too similar.

It isn’t the perfect book, but it is an entertaining read from this writer’s point of view, for more about the book, look at these sites.

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