Row Row, Fight the Powah!

I’m sure that most of you have heard of this Protect IP bill, but I wanted to spread the word.

The Protect IP Act is a bill that Congress is debating about at the moment. Why should we care? Well, the Protect IP Act is a bill that could force Internet Service Providers to block social media sites like tumblr, Facebook, and deviantART. This is despicable and wrong.

Private corporations want the power to get rid of sites that allow people to download music, videos, and other media. however, most of these sites aren’t in U.S. jurisdiction. This bill will allow corporations to, as I said above, force Internet Service Providers to block these sites. It will also give them the ability to cut off funds from these websites by forcing American Ad providers to take their ads off of these websites, and sue websites, blogs, and even forums to make them remove links to the offending websites.

This bill is ridiculous for many reasons. Firstly, <i>it doesn’t even prevent piracy.</i> One can still access these sites by typing in their IP addresses. And, it’s unconstitutional. Any website where people express themselves, whether it be making art, music, or media, there’s enough copyrighted material that this bill can target them, censoring them, or worse, shutting them down.

Even if we trust the U.S. government not to overuse it’s power, other countries may follow our example, and there may be some who would use this power to destroy the freedom that we get on the internet.

I might be overreacting, but the hearings are horribly lopsided, with the bill’s supporter’s voices far outweighing those opposed to it. Tech companies such as Google, AOL, Twitter, and Mozilla, have signed a full page ad in the New York Times opposing this bill, but it’s doubtful that their voices will be heard by those who have to hear it.

In real life, I’m a bit shy, and have trouble finding places to show my art to the world. I’m not anti-social, per say, but the internet is an important place to me. It’s helped thousands of people follow their dreams. I have friends here who aren’t really heard in real life, and use the internet to express themselves.

I beg you guys, please help stop this freedom-restricting bill. No good can come of a bill that gives corporations the power to crush our creativity. You can sign petitions here:

You can contact your congressman, if you live in America:

Anyone who cares about their ability to express themselves creatively, please help.

Share this post, or any other posts or media relating to the bill, such as this video:

And finally, to quote the Daily What, “Get the word out any way you can, because, soon, you may no longer be allowed to.”


Harry Potter = Disappointment?

So I went to see the last Harry Potter movie. I cried, of course. But somehow… I was disappointed? Harry Potter used to be SUCH a huge part of my life, and it’s over. Why am I not in a state of depression? I’ve thought about this. I’ve felt guilty about it.

My brother Henry showed me his favorite part of A Good Man Goes To War, the last Doctor Who episode before the hiatus for the summer. It was (spoilers) the part when the Doctor takes Demon’s Run. As the music built to a crescendo, I felt chills up my spine and that excited anticipation and joy that you’d feel in the climax of your favorite book, or the crowning moment of awesome in your favorite movie. I didn’t get that in Deathly Hallows. Why not? I realized something. I’m not as emotionally invested in Harry Potter anymore. When the Doctor saves the day in a particularly epic way, I cry tears of joy and get chills. When Harry saved the day, I was happy, but it didn’t affect me like A Good Man Goes To War affected me.

Harry Potter is loyal, kind, and determined. I understand perfectly the kind of characters JKR is crafting, I’m not turning on my childhood and calling Harry a Mary-Sue. I know that the idea is that Harry has the power of love, and is a pure force of good. Voldemort is a force of evil. A simple good vs. evil story. The thing is, that’s boring. The Doctor tries to be a force for good, but he’s made mistakes. He’s snapped, he’s killed innocents before. The Doctor is flawed. I’m not saying that Harry isn’t flawed, but the Doctor is simply more interesting. I hate stories where the character is disgustingly good, I hate the tired old cliche of diligent heroes. That’s why I adore the broken characters.

You may think I’m heartless to like the villains or the ’emo’ characters more than the fresh faced hero, but I truly love a broken character more than a typical hero.

I’m going to, rather selfishly, use my character, Ranna, as an example.

Ranna is the kind of character you’d think of as the quirky sidekick. The quirky anti-hero sidekick on drugs. Although she describes herself as a cold-blooded killer, she is the sweetest girl sometimes and seems nothing more than a bit mad. Then we get to the backstory and all the crap she’s hiding. She feel madly in love with her sister’s boyfriend, joined said sister and boyfriend and became a villain, and got turned into a vampire by the boyfriend. She then spent an unbearable 10 years as a raving killer, little more than an animal. She made herself into a cold-blooded killing machine, and was the cruelest assassin to walk the earth in quite some time. Ranna  soon met her current partner, a woman called Talia. Talia soon became her mortality chain of sorts, and Ranna now hides her pain and insanity under the mask of a goofy, bright assassin. Ouch.

I love these characters so much more than the type Harry is. I would’ve loved the movie so much more if Ron or Hermione or any of the other characters had been featured more prominently, I love Harry Potter, but Harry himself is a bit bland.

Thanks for listening to my mad ranting about how I think Harry isn’t a complex enough character and the shameless insertion of my own character.

Bye! ^^;

Gonna treat you to a sneak peek, ne?

So…. My gorgeous L wig came! ^O^

Anywho, I’m going to treat everyone to a sneak peek at how the first chapter of Red Shadows is coming along!

I’m planning to start a website for the whole shebang, but until then, read it on my deviantART!

And that’s all! Bye bye nya!

Tron: Legacy. My half arsed review.

Tron: Legacy. The movie has gotten… mixed reviews.

The movie continues the story of the original Tron movie, with Kevin’s son as the main character.

I liked the movie, but mostly for the visuals and music. The action scenes are engrossing and the music spine tingling, but when it comes to story and characters…. it falls flat.

Yeah, I’m lazy. But I’m tired, and I kind of wanted to think about this:

What if Zuse was the main villain? Seriously. Tell me you wouldn’t watch a movie where this guy was the villain!

Anyways, I’m done now. G’night, loves. ^^

Red Shadows Prologue

So… this is the prologue/test strip to the manga I’m working on.
I didn’t bother with shading and such this time, since I was way too eager to show you guys. xD

Anyways, the arts sucks, I know. But this is my first time using the manga program my dad got me and my first time drawing on the computer AND my first time doing an actual comic. xDDD

Anyways, enjoy!

Ranna Sutford, Talia Reynolds and the whole shebang of Red Shadows is mine and mine alone. If you steal them, I WILL find you and kill you with a rusty spoon. ^_^


And that’s it! I swear the art will get better. xD

Top Ten Shinigami of Anime and Manga: #10

Top Ten Shinigami in Anime and Manga

The world of Shinigami (Reapers to those who rock the english dubs) is a complex and sometimes creepy world.

From oddly… adorable shinigami, to sexy shinigami, to downright terrifying shinigami, we’ve all got favorites.

But today I’m here to name the top ten in terms of:

Their menace
Their power
Their characters

I know I might leave some out, especially when it comes to Bleach, but I’ll try my best. xD

Anime/Manga: Bleach


Rukia is an obvious choice. She is one of the most famous shinigami from Bleach, and definitely a fan favorite. In her fight with the Arrancar D Roy, she displays her fearsome bankai for the first time, defeating him easily. Therefore filling the power requirement. I must admit, she barely snagged the power requirement in my book. I am only starting the Arrancar arc, and had she not defeated D Roy with such ease and effectively freed herself of her Distressed Damsel status, Rukia wouldn’t have made it.


Her menace is another story. While she is certainly formidable, Rukia is a good guy. While I’m not saying heroes can’t be menacing, Rukia honestly never felt menacing to me.


Rukia’s character was undoubtedly the thing that got her this spot. She is a strong female, and has nice depths. She has a tendency to blame herself for everything, but luckily she gets better about it.


In the Soul Society Arc, I’ll admit that I was afraid Rukia had been reduced to an angsty damsel. But luckily, character development marches on. Rukia mans- erm, ‘womans’ up, and returns to the bundle of ass-kicking shinigami she was at the beginning of the series.


So Rukia Kuchiki gets the tenth spot!


Tune in later for number nine. ^_^

Concerning Books

A little poem I wrote a while ago~


Hauntly tranquil, secrets hidden in the boughs. When every cuckoo falls, when ink black blood is spilt, I shall remain.
When in Lai, the lion grazes with the lamb, the rose blooms in ice, I will have caused it.

When stars dim, and the jester weeps, who shall wipe away his tears?
Not the wind, who’s gauzy love causes fairies to stumble.

Or the patchwork angel, who, fallen to Earth, cannot fly. I watch the old tinker mend her wings, and warn her with a smile, not to fall.

If sensible people read this, they’ll laugh and call me a lunatic, I do not mind. I, the author, for that means the moon is my sister.

And when the trees hum a tune, the waters invite me to play, the stars gossip so terribly, and then the mountains and the fairies listen, and convey.

I, the author am hopelessly lost, and I do not think I want to be found.

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